It occurred to me that all of my guitars are of a certain character. None of them are “factory ordered”, none are pedigrees in that they are without flaws or modifications. This 1994 Gretsch Brian Setzer Signature started it all for me. The guitar was hanging on a wall in the Hollywood Guitar Center back in 1999. It was literally about 20ft in the air, and no one was even looking in its direction. I noticed that the bottom of the guitar had some dings and scuffs. I asked the salesman if I could check it out. He handed it to me and he told me they occasionally lend it out for music videos and photo shoots and that’s why it had so many dings. I bought it on the spot for about 50% of the retail price. Now I’ve owned it for 18 years and it’s one of the several guitars I’ve rescued.

I turned the truss rod cover around years ago…also, around the same time I swapped out the “dice” knobs for some “chicken heads”. I know that I immediately removed the pickguard also as I was never comfortable with it.

That’s the “chatter” I first noticed from below when I spotted the guitar, high up on the Guitar Center wall in Hollywood. I really can’t guess how that “wear” happened as it is really in an odd spot. It almost looks like someone tried to mess with the binding.

This Gretsch model somehow gets away with the combination of gold, nickel and ivory.